Disbursement of Funds

Key Points about Disbursement:

  • Disbursements are made at the beginning of each academic term.
  • Disbursement dates are based on the University of Florida undergraduate academic calendar, NOT the University of Florida College of Dentistry calendar!
  • If you have not received an award notice, you will not receive funds.
  • Sign up for Direct Deposit for quickest receipt of funds.
  • Disbursement occurs after classes begin and as soon as aid is available. The University Bursar ⤷ disburses aid only after verifying enrollment status and making sure students have no financial or academic service indicators, or holds, on their records.

Detailed Information:

  • After you receive the award notice and complete each of the steps outlined within the letter, financial aid funds should be ready for disbursement ⤷.
  • Disbursement for federal loans is made at the beginning of each term, after classes begin. For example: fall awards are released at the beginning of the fall semester (early September), spring awards are released at the beginning of the spring semester (early January).
  • Disbursement of UFCD need-based scholarships will be early in the spring semester only.
  • The UF Bursar’s Office disburses aid only after verifying enrollment status and making sure students have no financial or academic holds on their records. Students are strongly encouraged to sign up for Direct Deposit to have their financial aid checks sent directly to their checking accounts. To sign up, go to UF Student Self Service⤷ > University Bursar > Student Direct Deposit. Authorization becomes effective immediately. Also use “Student Direct Deposit” to change your bank mid-year, if necessary. For more information on direct deposit contact the Bursar’s Office in S-113 Criser Hall.
  • All unpaid tuition/fees and any housing charges are deducted from students’ financial aid before disbursement. Other University charges such as meal plan, laser prints, health care services, parking decals, tickets, etc., known as non-institutional fees, can be deducted from your Financial Aid with your permission. You can complete the student-permission form at  UF Student Self Service⤷ > University Bursar > View Student Permissions.  To decline automatic payment of UF accounts receivable charges (lab fees, infirmary charges, etc.) from your financial aid, contact Bursar’s Office Disbursements at (352) 392-0737. Please note—this MAY delay disbursement of your aid. Financial aid may not be used to pay prior-term tuition fees.
  • Tuition deferments are granted to all students who have applied for financial aid. Therefore, tuition is not due until financial aid is released. Once released, tuition and any other fees currently owed to the school will be deducted from the financial aid check and the remainder will be released.
  • If not enrolled for Direct Deposit, the financial aid check will be mailed to the student’s local mailing address on file with the University of Florida. Please note that this process can take 4-6 weeks.



The above information is for individuals currently in or starting the DMD Program.