Financial Aid Award Notice

Financial Aid Awards for Federal Loans

  • Federal loan disbursements will be made in the fall, spring and summer. Keep in mind that disbursements are made based on the UF undergraduate academic calendar, not the UFCD calendar!
  • Entering D.M.D. students are notified of their financial aid with an award notice sent via email in late July. All other students will receive a Notification of Financial Aid Award during the summer.
  • Upon receiving your Award Notice, if you wish to receive Federal-Direct Loans, you must go to UF Student Self Service⤷ to confirm.
  • Before you can receive your funds, you will need to complete the checklist of items outlined in your award notice.

Financial Aid Awards for UFCD and HRSA SDS Scholarships

  • UFCD scholarship awards will be disbursed in the spring semester. After the awards are made, an award notice/letter will be e-mailed to the student.
  • Award notices let you know the amount of financial aid eligibility and the steps required for obtaining the awarded funds. It is imperative that you read and understand everything contained within the award notice.
The above information is for individuals currently in or starting one the DMD Program.