Budgets & Cost of Attendance: D.M.D.

This is financial aid information for predoctoral (DMD) students only.

Cost of Attendance

Federal regulations limit the amount of financial aid that students can receive to their Cost of Attendance (COA). The COA is an estimate of the total expenses required for one year in an educational program. The COA includes tuition/fees, books & supplies, and allowances for living expenses. The COA is determined by UF’s Office for Student Financial Affairs⤷.

Students cannot receive aid, including federal loans, that is more than the COA. On the other hand, students are not required to borrow the full COA. Conservative borrowing is strongly encouraged!

Students who are married and/or have children should understand that federal financial aid is designed to help pay for the costs for the student to attend school – not to support other family members. The sole exception to this is that a student who has dependent children may be eligible receive additional financial aid for daycare costs. Requests for daycare cost allowances must be sent via email to FinancialAid@dental.ufl.edu.

Please visit the Office for Student Financial Affairs website⤷ for more information about how the TCA is calculated.

Tuition & Fees

2017-18 Tuition & Fees

  • Florida residents: $41,720
  • Non-residents: $68,202

D.M.D. Program Costs

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.  Tuition and fees are payable in two equal installments in August and January of each academic year. Dental students do not pay tuition in the summer semester. However, students are required to participate in classroom and clinic activities in the summer.

Tuition costs at the University of Florida College of Dentistry are comparatively modest for Florida resident DMD students. UF offers an outstanding value to its DMD students by providing a high quality educational experience at a very reasonable cost.

Health Insurance

All students in the DMD program are required to be covered under a comprehensive health insurance policy. Students will be automatically enrolled in the UF Student Insurance plan unless they have an approved insurance waiver on file. Information on health insurance and waivers is available on the Health Compliance Office website⤷.

An allowance for insurance will be added to the COA after the student has been charged for the UF insurance. (Please note that this allowance is NOT included in the below COA breakdown.)

Students who do not use the UF insurance will not receive the insurance allowance in their COA. Students who carry insurance in their own name are the sole exception to this policy. Students should email FinancialAid@dental.ufl.edu if they carry their own insurance policy to request an insurance allowance.

Computer Policy

All UF students are required to have access to a computer and the Internet. The College of Dentistry further requires incoming students to have access to and on-going use of a laptop computer in order to be able to function in the current learning environment. An allowance for computer costs is included in the Computer & Cell Phone category of the COA.

Instrument Leasing

Dental students lease instruments from the College for their use in the instructional program. Leased instruments are sterilized, maintained, repaired, and replaced under reasonable use as part of the leasing program. Students pay an instrument lease fee each semester which is included in the Books/Supplies category of the COA.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Gainesville, Florida is comparatively low. This reduces the total costs of education to Florida dental students when compared with other metropolitan areas. Housing, food, and transportation allowances are included in the COA, and are based on actual Gainesville-area costs.


Additional required expenses for successful completion of the DMD program include, but are not limited to, immunizations, loupes, scrubs, board examination fees, etc. These expenses are included in the Clothing/Miscellaneous category of the COA.

2017-2018 Cost of Attendance – Years 1-4

Expenses Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Tuition $37,566 $37,566 $37,566 $37,566
UF Fees $4,154 $4,154 $4,154 $4,154
Books/Supplies $11,495 $9,790 $9,865 $6,410
Food $6,040 $6,040 $6,040 $4,470
Transportation $1,470 $1,470 $1,470 $1,100
Clothing/Miscellaneous $1,460 $2,080 $2,160 $3,910
Personal $390 $390 $390 $310
Housing $10,910 $10,910 $10,910 $8,390
Computer & Cell Phone $1,660 $1,660 $1,660 $1,250
Total $75,145 $74,060 $74,215 $67,560
Out of State* $26,480 $26,480 $26,480 $26,480

*Add to Total to get complete Cost of Attendance for Out of State Residents

The above information is for individuals currently in or starting the DMD Program.