INBDE Pass rate – 100%

One measure of educational excellence for dental education is pass rates on licensure and specialty board exams. The D.M.D. Class of 2023 earned a 100% pass rate on the American Dental Association licensure exam, the Integrated National Board Dental Exam, or INBDE. The D.M.D. Class of 2023 was the first to challenge the INBDE and the 100% pass rate is due, in large part, to several years of preparation within the college for the exam change. Previously the NBDE was taken in two parts and in anticipation of the implementation of the INBDE, the college revised the curriculum with feedback from senior exit interviews and alumni surveys. We created two new clinical preparatory courses and moved clinically relevant courses earlier in the curriculum to engage students earlier in clinic.

Of the 35 UF dental residents who challenged board exams in one of nine accredited advanced dental education programs, 33 passed on their first attempt — a 94% pass rate.

The strength of our general dentistry and advanced education programs is recognized throughout the U.S. and other parts of the world. During the last application cycle, the College of Dentistry received 1,696 applications for 93 available D.M.D. positions and 1,360 applications for 65 advanced education positions: a 5% total acceptance rate.

The Integrated National Board Dental Examination

The purpose of the INBDE examination is to assist state boards in determining qualifications of dentists who seek licensure to practice dentistry. The examinations assess the ability to understand important information from basic biomedical and dental sciences, and the ability to apply such information in a problem-solving context. Students participate in a mock INBDE exam at the end of every semester. These efforts support our student body through the comprehensive dental education of our DMD program and provide successful outcomes on national examinations leading to dental licensure.

Resources and Programs for Current DMD Students

UF College of Dentistry is committed to the success of its students. The Office of Student Advocacy & Inclusion provides and coordinates a number of resources to provide support to students throughout their time in the program. From free tutoring to peer mentoring and specialized counseling, our students’ well-being is a priority.

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