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Congratulations on your admission to UF College of Dentistry!

Your future as a Gator Dentist starts here.

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Notify Admissions of Your Decision

To accept, you’ll need to include a check or money order for $200 payable to the University of Florida. Please also return your completed acknowledgement form (email is fine) and your deposit by the date listed in your acceptance letter in order to secure your place in the 2021 entering class. We ask that you send your deposit using the United States Postal Service (USPS). If you choose to decline the offer or withdraw at any time, written notification via email is required. You can mail your acknowledgement form and deposit to the Office of Admissions to the following address:

University of Florida College of Dentistry Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 100445
1395 Center Drive, Room D3-5
Gainesville, FL 32610-0445

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Keep your contact information up-to-date

Planning to move? Have a new email address? Changed your phone number? Be sure to update your account on AADSAS immediately and email us once it has been updated.

*We recommend changing your email on AADSAS to a non-school email address.

Matriculation Requirements Acknowledgement Form

Who to contact with questions or concerns:
UFCD Office of Admissions at

Please return the completed Matriculation Requirements Acknowledgement Form (email is fine) as an agreement to the terms to accept your offer into the Entering Class of 2021. “Your acceptance into UFCD is contingent upon completion of all requirements for matriculation. This acknowledgement form outlines some of these requirements for you. Please know that these are standard requirements to matriculate into professional school.”

Connect with DMD Students

Have more questions about student life? There are two ways to connect with current DMD students. Read about current students on the ‘Meet Our Mentors’ webpage through the link below. If you see someone that shares similar interest with you feel free to email them with any of your questions. Another option is to fill out the contact information release below to be contacted by a dental student. Please keep in mind that there is a holiday break for the dental students so there might be a delay in response. If you have trouble connecting with someone please email UFCD Office of Admissions at

Admissions Outreach Ambassador Mentors

Connect with AOAs through their experiences and involvement at UFCD

entering class 2019 june 2019

Contact Information Release

Applicants who gain acceptance into the DMD program at the University of Florida College of Dentistry may be contacted by current DMD students and/or alumni. Please check the box below to authorize the University of Florida College of Dentistry Office of Admissions to give your phone number(s) and email(s) to current DMD students/alumni.

Fill out a FAFSA

Who to contact with questions or concerns:
UFCD Financial Aid Coordinator at

What You Need to Know about the FAFSA at University of Florida College of Dentistry
Please read this information carefully as it pertains to the FAFSA process at the University of Florida College of Dentistry (UFCD) for the 2021-22 academic year.

Important Dates
The 2021-22 FAFSA opened on October 1, 2020. The FAFSA is completed at Please click here for a Federal Student Aid infographic that explains the FAFSA process. Completion of a FAFSA does not obligate you to borrow loans.

To receive the best financial aid offer, complete the FAFSA as early as possible. If you have not done it already, we strongly recommend you complete it today! The later you wait to file the FAFSA the less priority you have for need-based funding such as grants and scholarships. 

How to Get Your FAFSA to UF
Your FAFSA will be sent to all schools that you list on your FAFSA. You can list up to 10 schools on the FAFSA. Please be sure to include University of Florida (UF) in your list of schools so that we will receive your information.

UF’s school code is 001535. This code is applicable to all colleges at UF, including UFCD.

Parent Financial Information
The FAFSA itself will not require you to input parent financial information, because all DMD students meet the FAFSA criteria for being independent. However, if you want to be considered for UFCD scholarships and/or subsidized loan programs, you should plan to include your parents’ financial information on your FAFSA.

Putting parent information on your FAFSA does not affect your eligibility for federal Direct Loans whatsoever.

UFCD Scholarships – Parent financial information is required to be on your FAFSA for consideration. Detailed information on the reason for this requirement is available on our Scholarships FAQ website.

Health Professions Loans & Loans for Disadvantaged Students – These subsidized loan programs require parent financial information to be included on your FAFSA. The only exception to this requirement is if both parents are deceased. The regulations for these loans do not allow for any other extenuating or special circumstances.

Important Note about Parent Financial Information
You can edit your FAFSA after your initial submission and add parent information at a later date.

Please be sure to have parent information added to your FAFSA no later than the scholarship application deadline date, which will be announced on our Scholarships FAQ website.

Need Additional Information?
Visit the UFCD financial aid website.

Contact the UFCD Financial Aid Coordinator at or you can make an appointment here: Be sure to indicate in your email that you are a entering dental student.

Technical Standards

Who to contact with questions or concerns:
UFCD Office of Academic Affairs at 352-273-5950 or

Minimum Technical Standards for Admission and Matriculation

Purpose: This section defines the nonacademic criteria for admission, advancement through and graduation from the DMD program at the University of Florida College of Dentistry. The College is committed to the policy that all persons shall have equal access to its programs, facilities and employment without regard to race, creed, color religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, political opinions or affiliations, genetic information and veteran status.

Background: The College of Dentistry provides this description of technical standards to inform prospective and enrolled candidates of the skills required in the provision of oral health care services. These technical standards reflect the performance abilities and characteristics that are necessary to successfully complete the requirements of the dental education program at the school. These standards are not requirements of admission into the programs. People interested in applying for admission to the programs should review these standards to develop a better understanding of the abilities and characteristics necessary to successfully complete the program. The College of Dentistry complies with the requirements and spirit of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Therefore, the College will endeavor to make reasonable accommodations for candidates with disabilities who are otherwise qualified in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities can be made so long as such accommodations do not require a change in fundamental program requirements of the curriculum, create a direct threat to the health or safety of others, or create an undue burden to the College of Dentistry. The College recognizes that the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree carries with it the full authority of the institution and communicates to those who might seek the services of the bearer that the graduate is competent to practice dentistry. Therefore, the candidate must demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that the faculty has determined are essential for the practice of dentistry and its specialties. The candidate must acquire cognitive, technical and behavioral skills to negotiate the curriculum. All courses in the curriculum are required to assure graduates are competent clinicians. The following technical standards describe the essential functions that candidates must demonstrate in order to fulfill the requirements of the dental education program, and thus, are required for advancement through and graduation from the program. Candidates must possess the skills and abilities that will allow them to successfully complete the course of study and receive the full benefit of their education. While enrolled, candidates must perform treatment on the College’s patients. The College has the responsibility for ensuring the safety of these patients. Treatment must be completed safely and within an acceptable time. The technical skill areas include motor, sensory/observation, communication,cognitive/conceptual, professionalism and behavioral/social skills. Continued enrollment and graduation will depend on the successful demonstration of both the knowledge and the skills listed below. The Student Performance Evaluation Committee (SPEC) will monitor each candidate’s demonstration of such knowledge and skills.

Motor Skills

General: A candidate should have a sufficient level of manual dexterity to execute the fine movements required to provide general dental care and treatment to patients within a specified amount of time.

Specific: It is required that a candidate possess the manual motor skills necessary to directly perform, diagnostic and treatment maneuvers associated with the practice of general dentistry. Such maneuvers require coordination of both gross and fine muscular movements, equilibrium, and functional uses of the senses of touch, vision and functional communication. A candidate must be able to perform basic life support (including CPR), transfer and position patients with disabilities, and position and reposition self around patients in various treatment settings in a standing or sitting position. The candidate must be able to operate dental equipment controls utilizing fine hand movements, position, move dental instruments, and move in all directions within 0.5 millimeter of tolerance. A candidate must promote and support the ability of co-workers to perform prompt care.Candidates must be able to work in the proper ergonomic positions appropriate to the delivery of dental treatment for extended times. A candidate must be able to operate controls, use high-speed or low-speed dental hand pieces for tooth preparation procedures, and use hand instrumentation, including scalpels for surgical procedures.All of these skills must be performed within reasonable patient treatment time periods,either in simulation or clinical patient care, as determined by the faculty to simulate real-time professional dental care. A candidate must be able to maintain strength, posture,reach, and manipulate equipment to all positions in order to control the operating environment.

Sensory/Observation: Basic Sciences

General: A candidate must be able to acquire a defined level of required information as presented through demonstrations and experiences in the basic and dental sciences.

Specific: This includes, but is not limited to 1) information conveyed through physiologic, pharmacological and other demonstrations, 2) microscopic images of microorganisms and human or animal tissues in normal and pathologic states and 3)demonstrations of techniques using dental models. A candidate must be able to acquire information from written documents and to visualize and evaluate information presented in images from paper, films, slides, video and computer. A candidate must be able to interpret radiographs (x-rays) and other graphic images, with or without the use of assistive devices. While using appropriate enhancement of sensory modalities.(Microscopes, stethoscopes, etc.), a candidate must have functional use of visual,auditory, and somatic sensation.

Sensory/Observation: Clinical Sciences

General: A candidate must be able to observe a patient accurately, at a distance and close up, and observe and comprehend non-verbal communications when performing general dental treatment or administering medications.

Specific: A candidate must be able to perform visual and tactile dental examinations and treatments that require the use of sight and touch, including use of visual acuity,with or without accommodation, to discern fine detail, focus at a variety of distances,and discern slight differences and variations in color, shape, and general appearance between normal and abnormal, soft and hard tissues. The use of tactile senses may be either directly by palpation or indirectly through instrumentation. A candidate must also possess the functional visual acuity to read both paper and electronic charts, films,slides, videos, records, small print and handwritten notation, distinguish small variations in colors, size and shapes of very small details of tooth shape and contour intra and extra orally. The candidate must be able to operate handpieces, hand instruments or other instrumentation requiring controlled dental movements generally less than 0.5 millimeters.


General: A candidate must be able to communicate clearly, effectively and sensitively with patients, parents and/or guardians, faculty, staff and classmates; establish good rapport, convey or exchange information at a level allowing development of a health history; identify problems presented; explain alternative solutions; and give directions during treatment and post-treatment. For effective patient treatment, the candidate must be able to communicate with patients, parents, guardians and all members of the dental and medical health care team effectively and efficiently and communication must be culturally appropriate. Communication includes oral and written modes.

Specific: A candidate must have sufficient facility with English to retrieve information from literature and educational settings, computerized databases and lectures and to communicate concepts on written exams and patient charts. The candidate must also have sufficient facility with English to elicit patient backgrounds, describe patient changes in moods, activity and posture, and perceive nonverbal communications inpatient care settings. Patients, faculty, candidates and staff must be able to easily understand the candidates’ oral and written communication in order to effectively evaluate performance and to work collaboratively in the care of patients. A candidate must be able to communicate in lay language so that patients and their families can understand the candidate easily to help establish patient rapport, understand what information is requested and needed by the candidate and understand the explanation of treatment procedures, treatment options, informed consent, and follow up or home care. While working alone and with others, a candidate must be able to communicate orally and in writing, including settings where time available is brief, such as emergencies. The candidate must be able to interact productively, cooperatively, and in a collegial manner with individuals of differing personalities and backgrounds, and be an active contributor to the process of providing health care by demonstrating the ability to engage in teamwork and team building. In any case, where a candidate’s ability to communicate is compromised, the candidate must demonstrate alternative means and/or ability to acquire and demonstrate the essential information conveyed in this fashion. The candidate must be punctual and perform work in a timely manner. The candidate must exhibit the maturity, commitment, and dedication expected of a health care professional to whom patients entrust their health, safety, and well-being.


General: A candidate must be able to measure, calculate, reason, analyze, integrate,and synthesize information.

Specific: A candidate must be able to comprehend and mentally visualize three-dimensional relationships and understand the spatial relationships of structures. The problem solving, clinical decision-making and critical thinking skills demanded of a general dentist, require all of these intellectual abilities. A candidate must be able to perform these problem-solving, clinical decision-making and critical thinking skills in simulation of or actual real-time professional dental care for effective treatment of the patient. Candidates must be able to learn effectively through a variety of modalities,including but not limited to: classroom instruction, small group discussion, individual study of materials, preparation and presentation of written and oral reports, and use of computer-based technology.

Professionalism and Behavioral/Social Skills

General: Candidates must have sufficient behavioral/social skills and professionalism to perform didactic, preclinical techniques, laboratory, and clinical procedures at a minimal level of competency, as defined by the college. A candidate must possess the psychological health and maturity required for full utilization of the candidate’s intellectual abilities, the exercise of good judgment, maintenance of patient confidentiality, the prompt completion of all responsibilities attendant to the diagnosis and care of patients, and the development of mature, sensitive, and effective relationships with patients, faculty, staff and other candidates.

Specific: A candidate must recognize that the curriculum is physically, mentally and emotionally taxing. The candidate must be able to effectively manage physically and emotionally demanding workloads, function effectively under stress, adapt to changing environments, display flexibility and learn to function in the face of the uncertainties inherent in clinical patient care. Compassion, integrity, concern for others, interpersonal skills, interests, and motivation are all personal qualities that will be assessed during the admission and educational processes. Further, a candidate must be able to manage apprehensive patients with a range of moods and behaviors in a tactful, culturally sensitive, congenial, personal matter so as not to alienate or antagonize them. A candidate must be able to accept criticism and respond by appropriate modification of behavior. A candidate must be able to relate with faculty, colleagues, staff, and patients with honesty, integrity, respect, and nondiscrimination.Candidates must be adaptable, able to cope with stress, able to delegate responsibilities, meet deadlines, manage time and function as part of a dental healthcare team.

Cost of Attendance Comparison Calculator

Who to contact with questions or concerns:
UFCD Financial Aid Coordinator at

We encourage you to use our Cost of Attendance (COA) Comparison Calculator tools below to compare the costs of UFCD and other dental schools. Please choose the correct calculator based on your residency status. Be sure to input the figures as directed on the spreadsheet. The difference in COA between UFCD and the comparison school will be automatically calculated for you.

Florida Resident

UFCD has given over $1,000,000 in need-based scholarships this year alone. You may qualify for some scholarship money based on your FAFSA and parental income. Many students with an EFC (Expected Family Contribution) of zero will qualify for some scholarship money. The application for UFCD need-based scholarships will be available later in the spring. FOR NON-RESIDENTS: Please click here to review the guidelines for Florida residency for tuition purposes.

To find out more about Financial Aid for DMD Students please visit:

What’s My UFID?

Who to contact with questions or concerns:
UF Computing Help Desk at 352-392-4357

Your UF identification number (UFID) is assigned to you by the university and becomes the identifier for all transactions and services where personally identifiable information (PII) is required. Using your UFID helps protect you from identity theft and protects UF from potential data and records theft that could expose personal information of students, faculty, and staff.

The University of Florida takes protecting your identity very seriously and has strong programs and policies in place to protect your information from unauthorized access. Visit UF Identity & Access Management for additional information.

Background Check, Dean’s Form, & Transcripts – Due February 12

Criminal Background Check

Who to contact with questions or concerns:
Certiphi at 800-803-9582

UFCD has a contract with Certiphi Screening Incorporated (Certiphi) to complete criminal background checks on all incoming DMD students. All accepted students should receive an email from Certiphi within a day or two of receiving an offer of admission. (Be sure to check your junk email.) This email will include all of the information you need to initiate your background check. The cost of the background check varies from student-to-student. Certiphi will authorize your credit card for $150 up front. After the background check is complete, you will be refunded for any overage. Typically, a background check is approximately $70. The cost increases if there is more than one name to search or if you previously lived in a place with high access fees to obtain records. If you have additional questions, please contact Certiphi directly: 800-803-9582. Once your background check is complete and released to our office, we will access it through Certiphi’s online reporting system. You do not need to submit a paper copy to our office.

Dean’s Certification Form

Who to contact with questions or concerns:
UFCD Office of Admissions at

Submit a Dean’s Certification Form to the office in charge of student conduct records from every institution that has awarded or will award you a degree (Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate), e.g. Dean of Students, Student Records, Administrative Officer in charge of student conduct records. Fill out the top portion of the form and give it to the institution(s). A qualified school official needs to complete the second portion of the form and submit it directly to our office by email, fax, or mail. It is your responsibility to make sure this form is received by our office by the February 12th deadline.


Who to contact with questions or concerns:
UFCD Office of Admissions at

You are required to submit official transcripts to enroll at UFCD; we do not receive the official transcripts you submitted directly to AADSAS. Be sure to only request physical transcripts to be mailed to our office; do not request electronic transcripts because UFCD Admissions does not receive electronic versions. You need to submit transcripts from every school where you completed a prerequisite course AND from every school at which you earned a degree. Please send all final physical transcripts to:

University of Florida College of Dentistry Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 100445
1395 Center Drive, Room D3-5
Gainesville, FL 32610-0445

*University of Florida transcripts: UFCD Admissions is able to access UF transcripts internally. There’s no need for you to submit UF transcripts – official or unofficial.


  • If you graduated before January 2021: you need to submit your official final transcripts to the Office of Admissions by February 12, 2021. These must be delivered to our office in an official, sealed envelope. The transcripts you submit must show that your degree has been awarded. If your official transcript does not show that your degree has been awarded, you’ll be required to submit another official transcript that indicates your degree has been awarded.
  • If you graduate after January 2021: you must submit unofficial transcripts (emailed screenshots are fine) to our office by February 12 that show your grades through Fall 2020.

    At the completion of the Spring 2021 semester, you need to submit unofficial transcripts to our office showing grades for the Spring 2021 semester. If you graduate at the end of the Spring 2021 semester, you need to request that your school submit official transcripts to our office as soon as your degree has posted on your transcript. If your official transcript does not show that your degree has been awarded, you’ll be required to submit another official transcript that indicates your degree has been awarded.

    At the completion of the Summer 2021 semester, you need to submit unofficial transcripts to our office showing grades for the Summer 2021 semester. If you graduate at the end of the Summer 2021 semester, you need to have your academic advisor submit a letter or email to our office that certifies that you have completed your degree requirements. Summer graduates are rarely able to supply official transcripts that show the awarding of the degree prior to orientation. The letter of confirmation from your advisor along with unofficial transcripts that include summer grades will suffice until your official transcript becomes available.

Health Professions Immunization Form – Due April 1

Who to contact with questions or concerns:
UF Health Compliance Office at 352-294-2925

Access the mandatory Health Professions Immunization Form with submission instructions on the UF Health Compliance Office website. You cannot be registered for classes until you comply with all immunization requirements. Forms are due April 1 for UF College of Dentistry. Please relay any immunization form questions to UF Health Compliance Office at (352) 294-2925.

Choose only ONE method to submit your records:

  • EMAIL: healthcompliance@shcc.ufl.eduAll forms must be sent as a PDF attachment. Please note: Email sent over the Internet is not necessarily secure. Please be aware that the UF Student Health Care Center (SHCC) cannot guarantee the confidentiality or security of any information sent over the Internet when using email. The SHCC shall not be liable for any breach of confidentiality resulting from such use of email via the Internet.
  • FAX: (352) 392-0938 (Do not include a cover sheet)
  • MAILING ADDRESS: UF Student Health Care Center, Health Compliance, P.O. Box 117500, Gainesville, FL 32611-7500
    Alternate address, if street address is required: UF Student Health Care Center, Health Compliance, 280 Fletcher Drive, Gainesville, FL 32611

Eye Exam – Due August 1

Becoming a Gator student dentist may have you focusing on just the obvious – teeth. However, your eyes are important, too. Your eyesight can negatively impact your academic performance in dental school. A staggering 80% of the students who struggle in our dental anatomy course end up needing prescription glasses. A simple eye exam can benefit your personal health and your dental school GPA. At UFCD, we care for our students’ health and academic success, so you are required to have your eyesight checked between December 1, 2020 and August 1, 2021. After your eye exam, make sure you have the following information:

  • Date of eye exam (strongly encouraged to be between January 1, 2021, and August 1, 2021)
  • Name of professional who examined your eyesight (optometrist, ophthalmologist, etc.)
  • Practice name and address

In May 2021, we will let the entering class know how you can submit these details to our office.

Many eye and vision problems have no obvious signs or symptoms. As a result, individuals are often unaware that problems exist. We do not want you struggle in dental anatomy only to find out you need corrective lenses. Early diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision problems are important for maintaining good vision and eye health, and when possible, preventing vision loss. To find out more about eye examination frequency information by the American Optometric Association, please click here. When you have your eye appointment, be sure to tell the doctor that you are about to start dental school and that you will spend a lot of your time focusing on very small details. Be sure to contact your health insurance provider – an annual eye exam may be covered in your plan at little or no cost to you.

Apply for the Summer Research Program

Who to contact with questions or concerns:
UFCD Office of Research, Denise Webb
Phone: 352-294-5444
Office: 3rd Floor dental building, Room D3-43

Deadline: Friday, March 26, 2021

2021 Summer Research Program

The 2021 Summer Research Program will begin its journey on Monday, May 17, and conclude on Friday, July 23, 2021. The Summer Research Program, initiated in 1995, provides incoming freshmen dental students who have an interest in research the opportunity to carry out a ten-week research project under the supervision of a faculty mentor prior to starting their first year of dental school. A stipend is awarded to student participants to help with living expenses. No previous research experience is required to participate in the program. Since its inception, the program has allowed students to engage in cutting-edge research, and many go on to present their work at the American Association for Dental Research’s Annual Meeting or similar scientific conferences.

Students working in the UF College of Dentistry labs. Play Video

Orientation & Academic Calendar

Who to contact with questions or concerns:
UFCD Office of Academic Affairs at 352-273-5950 or

The UFCD Office of Academic Affairs posts and updates the academic calendar for the college, so be sure to familiarize yourself with this webpage. Orientation for the Entering Class of 2021 is scheduled to start on Monday, August 23rd! You will receive additional details and requirements to complete throughout the upcoming months.

Laptop Computer Requirement

Who to contact with questions or concerns:
UFCD Office of Academic Affairs at 352-273-5950 or

You are required to have a laptop for the duration of dental school. The Office of Academic Affairs has a Laptop Requirement section with guidelines for all DMD students to review. If you have any questions regarding the laptop computer requirement, please contact the UFCD Office of Academic Affairs at 352-273-5950.

Housing Information

Who to contact with questions or concerns:
University of Florida Division of Housing or University of Florida Off Campus Life

The University of Florida has resources for living on and off campus. For information about on-campus housing contact the University of Florida Division of Housing. For information regarding off-campus housing, visit the University of Florida Off Campus Life website.

– Discover the amazing Gator Guide (PDF version of the Gator Guide)
– Review Off Campus Life (OCL) housing tips to finding the perfect place to live. “Before choosing a residence, students need to consider what needs and preferences they have for not only cost of living and rent but also distance from campus, length of lease, roommates and safety to name a few.”

Video Tour

Wanting to take a glimpse inside the University of Florida College of Dentistry? In this video dental students showcase a few places around the college.

Building Tour

We are happy to announce that we have obtained permission from our Dean, Dr. Isabel Garcia, to provide tours of our dental school, dates are below. We have made many changes at our college to help keep our patients, students, and faculty safe, including minimizing the number of people in the building. Therefore, priority will be given to nonresident students and students who have not previously visited the college. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate parents, friends or other family members for the tour at this time.

Before we begin your tour, you’ll be asked some screening questions and have your temperature taken when you arrive. Please wear a mask to your tour appointment and come alone. The University of Florida and our college have been highly successful in utilizing these and other precautions to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Please revisit the accepted student’s webpage as more dates will become available in the upcoming weeks. 

Alumni Panel

A recording of the Alumni Panel will be posted on Canvas at a later date.

Canvas – Now Live!

All updates will be posted on Canvas starting April 9, 2021. You will receive an email from the Office of Admissions when you have been given access to Canvas. You will see the “DMD Orientation – Class of 2025”. You can access the courses by logging in with your gatorlink through

Canvas Tips:

  1. If you are new to Canvas please read over this helpful FAQs page 
  2. Gatorlink: If you don’t know your Gatorlink you can contact the UF Help Desk at: and 352-392-4357. If at any point you had applied to UF over the years it could be your account needs to be reactivated (or password reset) by the Help Desk.
  3. Bookmark this page: as it will take you directly to your Canvas course.
  4. After logging in, take a look at your grades. You can view when you have completed assignments. If your grades are missing information/not awarded full points, comments have been added for you to view with details for transcripts and immunizations.
  5. Click on “Account” on the left side to set up your notifications. Anytime we post, comment on an assignment or make announcements you can be immediately notified.