Waitlisted Students

You have been selected as an alternate candidate for potential admission to the University of Florida College of Dentistry DMD program, entering in Fall 2024. Your selection as an alternate candidate is evidence of the strength of your application among the large number of candidates for admission.

In the event that an offer of admission is extended to you, the offer will be contingent upon completion of all requirements for matriculation.

Requirement for Matriculation

The requirements are listed online at https://admissions.dental.ufl.edu/d-m-d/ufcd-requirements/matriculants/ and include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining high professional standards of conduct
  • Continued satisfactory academic achievement
  • Completion of all prerequisite courses
  • Completion of any degree program in which you may be currently enrolled.
  • Completion of all prerequisite coursework and your degree must be validated by official transcripts.
  • Completion of a criminal background check from Certiphi
  • Dean’s Certification form
  • Acknowledge the technical standards required for successful completion of dental school

Alternate List is Ranked

You have the ability to change your rank; therefore, it is important to notify us immediately of any recently completed work.

  1. Email DMDAdmissions@dental.ufl.edu
    • Final Grade reports
      • PDF or JPEG screenshot of final grades
      • Unofficial transcripts
    • Degree verification
      • PDF or JPEG copy of diploma
      • Unofficial transcripts showing degree awarded
    • New DAT scores
      • PDF or JPEG copy of unofficial DAT score report
    • Letters of Interest
  2. ADEA AADSAS Academic Update period
    • We strongly advise you to take advantage of the ADEA AADSAS Academic Update period.
    • During this period, you can update many parts of your application, including new grades, scores, etc.

Offer of Admission Notification

Historically, most alternate candidates who receive offers of admission are notified by the end of July.

We will contact you if you are chosen from the alternate list. For this reason, please email DMDAdmissions@dental.ufl.edu of any changes to your telephone number, email address, or mailing address.

Withdrawing from 2024 Cycle

Should you decide to withdraw from the alternate list, written notification via email is required.

Reapplying for a Future Cycle

Alternate candidates who are not selected for admission and plan to reapply must reapply through ADEA AADSAS. Those who plan to re-apply to our program in a future admissions cycle are strongly encouraged to show substantial improvement in all areas of the application. You can find more information in the Planning to Succeed section of our DMD Admissions website: Becoming a Competitive Re-applicant.

We are honored to have been included in your list of dental school choices and genuinely appreciate the time, money, and energy you spent submitting your application. We wish you great success in your pursuit to become a dentist.