Financial Aid Process
General Information on Applying for Financial Aid at UFCD

  • You are required to have a FAFSA⤷ on file to borrow federal loans and to be considered for need-based aid
    • The FAFSA opens on October 1 each year
    • UF’s school code is 001535
    • UF’s “on time” deadline is December 15 each year
      • This deadline is for receipt of your FAFSA at UF
      • Plan to complete your FAFSA no later than Dec. 8 to ensure you meet the deadline
  •  Plan to reapply for financial aid each and every year!
    • Financial aid is not renewed automatically
    • Previous recipients of scholarships and/or grants are not guaranteed to receive an award again

Special Notes: Need-Based Aid

  • Priority for Dental Grants is given to students who meet the Dec. 15 FAFSA deadline
    • No application besides the FAFSA is required
  • To be considered for UFCD Need-Based Scholarships, you must take the following actions:
    • File a FAFSA – Priority is given to students who meet the Dec. 15 FAFSA deadline
    • Include parent financial information on your FAFSA
      • You can file your FAFSA in time to meet the Dec. 15 deadline without including parent information
      • You will need to return to your FAFSA and add parent financial information by the UFCD Need-Based Scholarship Application deadline
    • Complete the UFCD Need-Based Scholarship Application by the announced deadline (typically in the spring)

The above information is for individuals currently in or starting the DMD Program.

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