2024-2025 Financial Aid Guide for D.M.D. Students

2024-2025 Financial Aid Guide for D.M.D. Students:

Please review the links below for guides with detailed information on what will be required to be completed each year. The guides serve as a starting point for finding any answers needed regarding financial aid. If you cannot find your answer after reviewing the guide, please email the Financial Aid Coordinator at SFA-DEN@mail.ufl.edu.

The guide also aids in keeping track of how much you have borrowed in Loans (Unsubsidized, Graduate PLUS loans, HPSL, LDS) and how much you have saved via scholarships. Please track how much you borrow every year with the guide – we will use this together during mandatory exit counseling with the Financial Aid Coordinator in the Spring semester of your senior year. 

Note: The financial aid guides work best if opened with Adobe and will be updated annually at the end of Summer before the Fall semester begins. 

First-year Financial Aid Guide 

Second-year Financial Aid Guide

Third-year Financial Aid Guide

Fourth-year Financial Aid Guide