Scholarships: D.M.D.

  • Loans make up the majority of DMD students’ financial aid packages
  • Need-based scholarships are available; merit-based scholarships are rare
    • Completion of the FAFSA and UFCD Need-Based Scholarship Application is required
  • Reapply each year! Scholarships are not renewed automatically each year. All students are equally considered every year.

UFCD Scholarship questions may be sent to the UFCD Financial Aid Coordinator at


Any financial aid (scholarship, grant, loan, etc.) received via any source other than the University of Florida MUST be reported to the Office for Student Financial Affairs. Reports of outside aid should be submitted via the Additional Aid Reporting page in Student Self Service.
Failure to report outside aid could jeopardize receipt of federal financial aid and/or result in repayment of federal financial aid funds. Please contact the UFCD Financial Aid Coordinator at with questions about this process.

The above information is for individuals currently in or starting the DMD Program.