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Complete all sections below to fully accept your interview invitation. The link required to access your interview session via Zoom will be provided only after you complete all required steps listed here.

Watch the Conduct Disclosure Video

Email with any questions regarding the video prior to your interview.

Here is a PDF script of the video.

Complete Conduct Disclosure Form

Please read through the entire Conduct Disclosure form prior to filling out. Once complete follow these steps to upload the form to ADEA AADSAS.

  1. Select Program Materials on your ADEA AADSAS application
  2. Select UF College of Dentistry
  3. Select Documents
  4. Scroll down to Optional Documents section to “Other – Conduct Disclosure for Interviewees”
  5. Follow provided instructions to upload
  6. Please send an email after your Conduct Disclosure form has uploaded successfully

Email with any questions regarding the Conduct Disclosure form prior to your interview.


Virtual Background Example

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