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UF and UF Health Scholarships and Fellowships

In order to apply for the UFCD Endowed and Non-Endowed Scholarships and Fellowships, complete the UFCD Financial Aid Application and submit by April 30.

UF Endowed Scholarships and Fellowships

The following endowed scholarships and fellowships are administered by the UF Foundation. For information, check with the departmental contact person or the UFF website⤷.

Andrew Abel Dental Scholarship Fund

Morton Amsterdam Foundation Scholarship

Marshall M. and Jeannette Butts DeWitt Scholarship Fund

James L. Kirkland, Jr. DDS Scholarship Fund

Walter Lorenz Endowed Scholarship

William R. Rambo, Sr., Scholarship in Dentistry

William T. and Jackie C. Reid Scholarship in Dentistry Fund

Krisia and Steve Rhoden Memorial Scholarship Fund

John C. Rothwell, DDS Memorial Scholarship

Cleo Talley Sanders Endowment Fund

Carol E. Williamson Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. Herbert O. Winterer and Dorothy S. Winterer Excellence Fund in Dentistry


Non-Endowed Scholarships

David A. Grainger Scholarship

Claire Pitts Brown Scholarship Fund

Dentistry Professional Scholarship

UF Health Scholarships

Charlotte Liberty Dental Scholarship

Shands Board of Directors Scholarship