Latest Technology

UFCD is a leader in digital dentistry with iTero, CEREC, and E4D CAD/CAM technology, offering DMD students exposure to innovative dental technology through courses like DEN8290 E4D Digital Technology in Fixed Prosthodontics.

Many of our patients are receiving 3-D printed smiles. William Martin, D.M.D., FACP, the director of the Center for Implant Dentistry and a prosthodontist in the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery, said his department uses 3-D printing for dental implant procedures, an additive manufacturing process that fabricates the surgical guides from scratch.

UFCD clinics use the following digital technology in the planning, placement and restoration of dental implants:

  1. Cone Beam CT’s (CBCT) – housed in Radiology – to aid in the accurate visualization of teeth, bone, tissues in three dimensions aiding in making implant planning and placement more accurate.
  2. Intra-oral scanners – we have 3 in the implant center (2 – 3-shape TRIOS and 1 – Virtuo Vivo) and we just ordered our 3rd TRIOS – these allow us to capture the teeth and gum tissues digitally instead of making impressions, giving us an accurate “color” visualization of the mouth that can be merged with the  CBCT in essence making a virtual version of our patients.
  3. Facial scanner – Bellus3D – allowing us to capture the facial features of our patients and merge them with their teeth to aid in cosmetic planning
  4. 3-D Printers – Straumann P20 and P30 – our printers provide us the ability to print a wide array of dental products for use in the planning, placement, and restoration of implants, including surgical guides, temporary teeth and occlusal guards.
  5. Mill – Straumann C-Series – our mill allows us to take a digital file of a crown and mill it from a block of porcelain for use as a permanent tooth

Each of the 4 DMD Clinics has a state-of-the-art Emerald-S scanner and laptop for digital impressions that are connected to axiUm through a central server. The A-TC (CAD/CAM) Clinic has 6 state of the art Emerald-S scanners (that can be shared with Grad Op), 3 of 4 PlanMill 40’s that are operational, and 2 Ivoclar CS-2 Porcelain Ovens for same-day porcelain crowns and onlays. Faculty Practice has a state-of-the-art Emerald-S scanner, a PlanMill 40 an Ivoclar CS-2 Porcelain Oven for same-day or In-House porcelain crowns and onlays.

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